Weir Bowen LLP is a firm of lawyers who have the knowledge, skill,
integrity and commitment required to provide reliable advice
and effective representation in civil litigation.


Weir Bowen LLP - Experienced - Professional - Effective






John Corbett Bilsland

April 6, 1958 – January 25, 2018


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Welcome to Weir Bowen LLP





Maurice Bowen

Weir Bowen LLP Articling


Our Objective is to hire articling students who have the potential to become our associates and eventually our partners.


We look for students who have the academic ability and personality to acquire the knowledge, skill and experience required to provide reliable advice and effective representation to our clients.




Why Choose Weir Bowen LLP?


We have the expertise to proceed effectively through all the steps in civil action or arbitration.


As experienced litigation lawyers, we understand the importance of managing expenses and risks by endeavouring to achieve early resolution of claims by fair settlement agreements.


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Weir Bowen LLP Legal Expertise

Experienced – Professional – Effective


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John Alexander Weir Q.C.

March 31, 1933 – February 16, 2009


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The firm of Weir Bowen was formed in 1990 by lawyers who had been practicing primarily in the area of civil litigation.
The history of the predecessor firms of Weir Bowen extends back to 1930.

Weir Bowen LLP is a law firm that has extensive experience as counsel for plaintiffs (including subrogated parties)
and defendants (for insured and uninsured parties).

Our litigation practice is focused on matters involving medical malpractice, personal injury, property damage, fire loss,
occupier’s liability, products liability, insurance coverage, disability insurance, wills and estates, professional errors and
omissions, contract, corporate, commercial, employment, real estate, and the environment.

Our lawyers have advised and represented parties in litigation in Alberta, the Northwest Territories, and British Columbia;
and have been counsel in precedent setting cases in the Supreme Court of Canada, the Court of Appeal of Alberta,
the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta, the Court of Appeal of the Northwest Territories
and the Northwest Territories Supreme Court.

Our lawyers also have extensive experience in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes, including
negotiation, mediation, and judicial dispute resolution.

Our vast experience with ADR allows us to advise our clients as to what process will likely result in resolution of their legal disputes, and to represent them effectively in any process that they choose to use.

We are willing to provide opinions and representation as co-counsel with lawyers of other firms at any
stage of litigation (including examination for discovery, trial and appeal).

We also provide legal services to clients in matters involving real estate, corporations,
commercial transactions, administration of estates, and criminal charges (on referral).