Our Privacy Principles:

  • We will only collect and use personal information as is reasonably required for the provision of legal services.
  • We do not sell client information.
  • We do not provide client information to anyone for marketing purposes.
  • We do not share client information with anyone unless it is reasonably required for the provision of legal services.
  • We have effective procedures and controls in place to ensure that our clients’ information is properly safeguarded from deliberate or inadvertent disclosure.

Privacy Officer

  • Weir Bowen LLP shall appoint an individual or individuals who will function as a Privacy Officer under the provisions of Section 5 of the Personal Information Protection Act (the “Act”).

Collection and Use of Information

  • Personal Information of clients or individuals who are insured by clients will only be collected if it is determined that the information will be reasonably necessary for the provision of legal services including litigation.
  • The personal information may be collected from the individual or from other sources.
  • Information to be collected from sources other than the individual will only be collected with the consent, express or implied, of the individual.
  • An individual may at any time withdraw his/her consent to the gathering and use of personal information by notifying the solicitor primarily representing the individual in writing of his/her withdrawal of consent.
  • Personal information collected for the provision of legal services shall be kept (subject to the exceptions set out below) in the premises of Weir Bowen LLP and may be accessed by Weir Bowen LLP solicitors and staff as well as experts retained by Weir Bowen LLP.
  • A solicitor may remove the personal information from the premises for a number of reasons, including:

a. Removal necessary for the ongoing provision of legal services, for example: attending court or examinations for discovery;

b. Provision of personal information to experts in order to obtain their opinions;

c. Provision of personal information to governmental agencies or other agencies in furtherance of the provision of legal services;

d. Provision of personal information to opposing litigants if required by law.

  • The personal information may only be used in the context of the provision of legal services including litigation. This may include the disclosure of personal information to opposing litigants and the Court if required by law.

Notice of Privacy Policy

  • Clients or individuals insured by clients will be provided with notice of the Weir Bowen LLP Personal Information & Privacy Policy (“the policy”) through:

a. Posting the policy on the Weir Bowen LLP website;

b. Posting the policy in the reception area.

  • The policy as set out on the website and as posted in the reception area will also be available upon request.

Security of Premises

  • The public can access the offices of Weir Bowen LLP by elevator during business hours. The sole public access shall be into the reception area which will be continuously staffed during business hours. After business hours, the premises shall be locked, and after 6:00 p.m. on weekdays, as well as on weekends and holidays, the elevator is locked off. Access to the premises of Weir Bowen LLP after business hours is only possible if accompanied by lawyers, office staff or security.

Security of Electronic Information

  • All internet and email access shall have anti-virus protection and firewalls.

Disposal of Documentation

  • Any documentation to be disposed of containing personal information shall be shredded.

Closed Files

  • Any files that are closed will be kept in a locked facility accessible by Weir Bowen LLP lawyers or staff only.

Solicitor/Client Privilege

  • The policy does not in any way alter the doctrine of Solicitor/Client privilege.