We have the expertise to proceed effectively through all the steps in civil actions (see steps in actions in the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta) or arbitration.

As experienced litigation lawyers, we understand the importance of managing expenses and risks by endeavouring to achieve early resolution of claims by fair settlement agreements.

We always consider utilizing alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes, including negotiation, mediation, and judicial dispute resolution. Our vast experience with ADR allows us to advise our clients as to what processes will likely be effective.

When the objective of a fair settlement cannot be accomplished, we are willing and able to proceed to trial or arbitration.

We have succeeded with appeals in the appellate courts of Alberta and the Northwest Territories (from decisions on motions and at trial) and with appeals and applications for judicial review of the decisions of administrative tribunals.

Our reputation in the courts and in the legal community assists us in resolving and litigating claims.

We endeavour to assist our clients to manage the expense and risk of litigation by:

  • Mutually acceptable fee arrangements (including contingency fees, and fixed fees for specific steps in an action)
  • Appropriate assignment of files to lawyers
  • Appropriate delegation of tasks to articling students and legal assistants
  • Early, thorough and efficient investigation of relevant facts
  • Thorough and efficient legal research where necessary
  • Identification and retention of qualified experts, when required
  • Early and continuous assessment of the probabilities of successfully prosecuting or defending claims
  • Objective reporting of those probabilities, as early as possible after being retained and after major steps in the litigation
  • Estimates of fees and disbursements required for completion of those steps (to the extent possible)