Our Law Services


In certain civil matters, maintaining accurate and official documentation is essential to protecting your rights and attaining your desired outcomes. Weir Bowen can assist you with solid advice, preparation of the necessary paperwork, and by acting on your behalf during a major life event.

Our services are available for all aspects of residential and commercial real estate, such as purchases and sales, removing encumbrances like mortgages and liens, crafting contracts for co-ownership of property, and litigating for you if a conflict arises. 

We can also help you manage your estate, with preparation of wills, power of attorney, and personal directives, so there is no question about what should happen in the event of a critical injury or death, and that your desired beneficiaries will be well taken care of.

Our Team

Weir Bowen lawyers have the experience to proceed effectively through all the steps in civil actions.

Whichever lawyer represents you, your case will be supported by the collective knowledge of our entire firm.

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